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Our friendly specialists offer you many tips and suggestions on making sure that your attic is kept sparkling clean, decontaminated, and insulated properly. Scroll down to learn more in our popular new tips section below.

Keep dog and cat food safe

Rodents will eat almost anything but especially enjoy cat and dog food, birdseed, and grass seed. If you buy large quantities of any of these, make sure it is all stored in rodent-proof airtight containers to keep the attractive smell to a minimum. When feeding your pet, clean up immediately any spilled morsels before the neighborhood ratsare lured into your house.

Consider attic air sealing for more energy efficiency

If you're interested in lowering your home's energy waste to help save money and otherwise, attic air sealing is a fairly easy choice to make. The service will find all cracks and holes leaking air that may be in your attic from manufacturer error, pest damage, or otherwise, and gets them completely sealed up so that your whole attic is better insulated against air loss. It's done fairly fast and is one of the simplest steps towards cutting those nasty energy costs.

Check your insulation's R-Value

It's important to ensure that your attic and crawl space both have the appropriate amount of insulation in place for the climate of your area. If you have too little in place, you could be losing money on energy due to it being unable to stand up against the cold weather and otherwise. If you moved into your home with no indication of what the R-Value is, have it checked by professionals to find out if it's enough. If not, you can have additional insulation added.

Pay attention to unusual smells

If you're near your attic or crawl space and you notice a strange odor, this shouldn't be shrugged off. There are many issues with either area that may be indicated through bad smells, from mold starting to consume and weaken the wood structures, to pests leaving behind waste or even cadavers. In either case, this can be a threat to the health of both your home and your family inside it, so it's best to take note of unusual scents and consider getting them checked.


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