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Not only do we provide attic cleaning services, but we also offer answers to any questions you might have. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs further down on this page.

How can I keep rodents from entering my house?

Rats and mice are very flexible and can squeeze through very small cracks and openings when they're on the hunt for food or for a suitable nesting location. Inspect your house thoroughly and look for any gaps that might allow these critters to sneak through, especially around pipes and cables. Make sure any potential entry point you find is completely sealed with material that rats and micewon't be able to chew through it. A metal mesh or caulking are great options. Of course, our experts will be happy to help you with this.

Can you clean my crawl space?

Certainly! Crawl spaces, much like attics, are areas where dust and otherwise tend to accumulate without notice but can cause a lot of trouble if the situation continues for too long. Crawl spaces in particular are at risk for water leaks thanks to the pipes that are located in them, and this leads to mold growth in no time. Our professionals can take care of everything for you and get your space completely cleared out so your home will be safer!

Do you perform residential attic cleanings?

Absolutely! Our technicians are ready to come out to your home whenever is best suited to your schedule and get to work on clearing your attic of all dust and otherwise. We'll get every nook and cranny of your attic to assure that it's completely spotless, and carefully get rid of the materials so that there's no chance of them getting into your home's air. The air quality in your home should be as good or better than what's outside, and we're happy help.

What does attic decontamination mean?

Decontaminating an attic is generally done when pests have invaded it and left behind an unsafe mess. Their waste, and even cadavers if they passed while up there, grows nasty bacteria that can be spread into your household through infected belongings, treading through the area, or otherwise. Their waste won't simply go away over time, so our professionals take care of it by using a special sterilizing spray that can reach all hard to reach corners of the attic and erase all dangerous viruses completely.


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